BEST GOLF TRAVEL BAG UNDER $100 [Updated-2021]

Welcome to Golf Driver Store, if you are looking for the best golf travel bag under $100, so you are at the right place from here you will find best golf travel bag for your self.

Best travel bag under 100

Golf is a game of confidence, integrity and passion. Golf equipment is quite expensive and deserves to be protected, an intense golfer would have an idea about this. The difficulty comes when the golf clubs have to be transferred or moved and so for its maximum protection you would need a golf travel bag.

If you’re investing in golf equipment, invest in a good golf bag which will secure all your precious and personal items, and so you can enjoy your golf and play it cozily.  And selecting the best bag would not be an easy task because golf bag are in quite a demand now and so they come in different shapes, sizes, types, prices, and colors.

The importance of a golf bag is known by the golfer who plays often and so choosing the right one is also important, and if you’re traveling and have plans to play golf, so the best option would be to purchase a golf travel bag and if you’re looking for a golf travel bag under $100 then you are at the right place.

After detailed research, we have covered 6 golf travel bag with their complete details. And I am pretty sure after reading this article you will be able to choose the best golf travel bag for yourself. So, before purchasing a best travel bag for golf clubs there are some considerations to keep in mind and so to further help you we will mention them in this article.

ImageProductDetails  Price
best golf bag travel case Best Golf Bag Travel CaseColor: Black
Note:  Carton Dimensions (L x W x D): 52 x 13 x 16 inches and weights 19 pounds.
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Founders Club Golf Travel Cover Founders Club Golf Travel Cover Color: Blck
Note:  Open dimension is 52” x 15” x 13”. Folded dimension is 23” x 15” x 13”. The Travel Cover weighs 8 pounds.
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MTHERMAN Golf Travel Bag Black MTHERMAN Golf Travel Bag BlackColor: Black
Note:  Unlike most golf travel bag, our golf bag travel case can conveniently fold to just 15″ x 13″ x 11.4″.
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Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover CaseColor: Black
Note:  Accommodates larger 10.5″ top golf bag with longer, 48″ clubs
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OGIO 2018 Mutant Travel Cover OGIO 2018 Mutant Travel CoverColor: Black&Gry
Note:  Easy entry opening with internal cinch down strap to secure golf bag
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What are the characteristics to look for in a golf travel bag?

The role of a golf travel bag is to secure all your golf equipment and accessories while traveling. Golf travel bag are of two main types – hard cases and soft cases

Choose  between a soft or hard case golf travel bag


The main feature or advantage can be it provides maximum protection, especially for the ones who are traveling, more protection=more durability.

Compared to the soft case, it is heavier and expensive and can cause some problems for someone who is traveling via air as the rules are getting severe on golf baggage weight but is worth buying as it has good features.


It is cheaper and lighter, and can be carried easily; it is a good option for someone who owns a small vehicle as it can be transported effortlessly.

The disadvantage could be it needs more padding for protection and it so not of remarkable quality.


The third option can be hybrid bag with wheels, which is new in the market and have a soft body, they are lightweight and provide protection of a hard case.

The disadvantage of this bag is that it is large and difficult to store and does not provide protection throughout.


An empty travel bag can weigh up to 2 -3 lbs.  , it totally depends on the golfer and their choice how heavy or light they want their bag to be, some golfers like to walk with their bag, but this won’t be possible if the bag is huge, on professional tours, it is quite unusual to carry heavy bag.

The maximum weight limit to carry golf travel bag via plane is 23 kg, so in the end it is an important feature to look at while buying a bag whether it fits and suits your choice.

Storage capacity:

It is suggested to get a bag which has quite enough storage capacity, the more the compartments the more well organized your personal possessions are. Do take care not to overburden the bag.


A golf travel bag should have wheels and have the quality of being easy to move and direct so you should be assured that you carry your clubs in the bag comfortably.

Durability and padding:

The most important feature to be vigilant about. The expenditure is significant in golf travel bag. Firstly acknowledge the material used for the bag and that it should be of good quality, and ensure that it is of good padding as soft padding will protect your clubs.

While traveling, in airports the ramp would flip and hurl your bag as it is a part of their job because of this you should make certain that your travel bag has good interior padding.


Mostly golf travel bag do have wheels example hard cases travel bag with wheels and exception is a soft case travel bag, so it is lightweight and stores golf accessories easily as they lack hard and plastic kinds of stuff and normally have a shoulder strap.

But they are not suitable as you can’t carry them everywhere. The bag that have wheels would be a good option as it would have a larger space capacity to store more stuffs and can drag them with you everywhere.


Another important factor, choose wisely which bag suits your budget but don’t go for cheap bag as they might not provide full protection and not be of good quality for your clubs in which you have invested a lot.

The price range would vary from $ 35 to $ 500, but as mentioned earlier I have selected and included the best golf bag under $100 in this article.


Last but a major factor you should make sure that you get a warranty when you purchase a bag because there are chances that the bag gets damaged if it’s not of a good quality, this can likely happen if you buy a softshell bag but a hard shell bag can last longer.

Top 6 Best golf travel bag under$100

Finally the wait is over, we are going to mention the 6 best travel bag that too under $100, that’s like a cherry on the cake and we will make sure that you are sold on.

#1 – Best Overall INTECH Golf Travel Cover with Wheels

best golf travel bag under $100
  • Lightweight with protective burst straps
  • Inline skate wheels
  • Tag holder and padlocks
  • Easy to store
  • Affordable
  • Not water resistant
  • Less durable as compared to other bags so require more care

An economical travel bag worth considering. The soft-sided in tech cover makes sure your golf clubs are protected by offering a protective compartment and a bag.

It features inline skate wheels to move and roll around with ease.

It also has padded riveted handles and a shoulder strap which makes it more comfortable while traveling. This travel bag consists of padlocks to make sure no vandalism occurs, padded shoulder straps to secure the strap on shoulder, protective burst-straps. 

It has internal padding to provide more protection for your expensive golf equipment and to reduce the effects or impacts of any scratches or bumps to your clubs. It is quite roomy and spacious to store all accessories.

For extra storage it offers a handy shoe pocket, and to ensure your stuff is safe and labeled it includes a paneled identification tag holder with a transparent window and a full wrap zipper with locks.

It needs to be cared for as it is less sturdy.

#2 – Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag Case with Wheels

best golf travel bags with wheels
  • Water-resistant
  • Economical
  • Spacious
  • Thick padding
  • No padlocks
  • No compression strap

The trump card of this travel bag is that it is water-resistant, and made from durable nylon fabric; thick and strong padding on top which means this bag can last for a long time.

It is lightweight and has nonskid batches underneath which helps the bag to stand up and secure in its place, it can also lay flat, due to its collapsible design and feature it can be stored when not in use.

Storage capacity is an important feature to look for in golf bag and this bag has plenty of storage and can store up to 50 inches long golf clubs and also features a full-length zipper which helps to take out and put in stuff in the bag easily.

Along with that it also has two zippered side pockets that can store all extra accessories you have carried with yourself. There’s also an integrated ID slot with a transparent window which helps in contact information 

This golf bag also features smooth-rolling wheels that allow easy transport and also have a comfortable pull handle and two-loop center handle to make sure the bag is lifted effortlessly.

It lacks internal compression strap so your stuff would likely to move but you can secure them with clothes and towels

#3 – Partage Golf Travel Bag with Wheels

golf travel bag with wheels
  • Heavy sponge pad
  • High-quality wheels
  • Three pockets
  • Great for air travel
  • Not spacious enough

Looking for a quick and affordable option, Partage golf travel bag is the right option. It is highly recommended by the customers and is of great value and helps you to transport your golf clubs between airports and courses conveniently. 

These bags are built with high-quality 600D polyester fabric which has good tear and abrasion resistance with high-quality embroidery on top which is appealing.

A Partage bag is strong and thickly padded to protect golf clubs from damage and also offers extra three pockets to store additional items such as shoes, towels and other accessories. The length of the pocket is 39cm and the width is 30cm and comes with smooth zippers and ID cardholders on the back of the bag.

To reduce the movement of golf clubs inside the bag it is featured with an external tie an interior tie-down straps to secure your equipment. It also features smooth and high-quality wheels which makes certain that there is smooth rolling and the bag is easily carried around.

#4 – OGIO Savage Travel Bag

est travel bag for golf clubs
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth urethane wheels
  • Outer pockets
  • No overall padding

The Ogio Savage Travel bag is an adequate option in all aspects – Lightweight design, fully padded top compartment, exterior compression straps and Smooth-rolling urethane wheels.

Bag is built very well- the bottom is a hard plastic piece and the fabric is very tough so you can be assured that your equipment is safe.

The handles are placed in good locations for lifting and pulling. It has quite a storage capacity and there is a ton of room in there for packing other things in. It folds down easily for storage at home or at your destination and takes less space.

The bag is Sturdy. The braces hold the form well and when you strap your bag in with the strap inside it holds the equipment tightly.

The OGIO Savage travel bag has 2 in-line wheels with premium sealed bearings which ensures that the bag is easily rolled. It ensures that there is an Easy entry opening with internal cinch-down straps and it also has twin outer pockets to provide extra storage for accessories.

It needs to look after as it is a soft case, and also it does not come with zipper or pad locks so you have to purchase them separately.

#5 – Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

best soft sided golf travel bags with wheels
  • Great handle system
  • Heavy padding at top so provides basic protection.
  • Wheel system is easy to move and roll
  • No compression strap

This is the best choice you can apt, if you like to walk a lot on the course, this travel bag is multifunctional as Himal always produces reliable outdoor products to make your travel calm and fun.

The animal travel sided bag is made from premium 600D heavy-duty polyester oxford, black in color and has a large capacity to store many essentials and is incredibly spacious with an additional pocket in front.

It features top solid handle and soft cushions too which makes it more comfortable and convenient, to help carry the golf club effectively it is featured with Velcro carrying handle. The top of the bag is heavily padded top for additional protection of the club heads and can easily roll up when not in use.

To ensure there is no pressure on shoulders, it has two inline skate wheels and can be easily rolled and moved during travel. To minimize club movements in the bag it comes with interior straps to protect your golf clubs from scruffs and abrasions and also the strap helps the travel bag to stand up or lay flat.

It is recommended by most customers, and along with that it comes with a guarantee.

#6 – CaddyDaddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Bag Travel Cover

best golf travel cover
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Lockable zippers
  • Durable
  • No shoulder strap

The CaddyDaddy is another worthwhile option to consider it comes with a lot of excellent features and you don’t have to worry during your travel as it makes sure that your equipment is safe and sound.

A sturdy foundation is built using Ultra-Durable 600D Nylon which protects the cover from abrasion, tear and scuffs. To protect golf clubs it is featured with heavy padding on top and fully adjustable clamps. The bag has the 2 adjustable clips on the upper portion which cinches around the bag and clubs pretty tightly to protect the clubs. 

For further protection there is an option to get CaddyDaddy North Pole along with the bag, it is an Aluminum and ABS plastic club protector.

It can store all essentials as it has a large storage capacity and also comes with 2 oversized shoe pockets for extra gear. It has an external and internal compression straps to snug up the bag and avoids struggling to get your golf clubs out. The bag can also stand upright once loaded. There’s also a strap in the middle that lets you tighten your bag down.

It comes with   Riveted Handles for Added Strength and inline skate wheels for easy rolling in airports or while in the course and also have lockable zippers but for any inconvenience purchase a TSA lock.

It has 1 Year replacement guarantee which covers any damage to the purchased product, even if the damage is caused by the airlines.

All in all, customers are quite satisfied with this product and can perform miracles if combined with their North Pole.

Some frequently asked questions before making a final decision to bag a perfect golf travel bag….

Who needs a golf travel bag?

If you are someone who loves to play golf or a serious golfer and decides to travel and play golf during your vacation, you should have a golf travel bag because golf equipment is valuable to any golfer as they are expensive and so they need to be stored properly, so it is important to have one and to choose a bag that safely stores all your golf equipment and protect your golf clubs.

The airport crew usually mishandles stuff so the best option to save your equipment is to purchase a golf travel bag for your pricey golf clubs and so provide them full protection. Secondly, some of the bags do have wheels which make them easier to maneuver, gold bags are expensive at times but we here have reviewed the golf travel bag under $100 and so you can find a cheaper alternative.

Should I pick a hard or a soft case?

It totally depends on your needs, if we compare soft and hard case bag the soft case is less expensive than a hard case, they are lighter and easy to store, they have more pockets and more storage capacity. If you are traveling once a year, you may purchase a soft case bag. They are ideal for the golfers who travel more often by road rather than airplanes.

While hard case bag are heavier and made of plastic or fiberglass but provide the highest level of protection. The advantage of those bags is that they are easier to maneuver around busy airports.

Are travel bags water-resistant?

There are not so many bags produced yet in the market which are water-resistant, we would only need such bag if we are exposing our bag to moisture but that would rarely happen. However, we have included one such bag which is water-resistant The Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag Case which has a waterproof black canvas that repels water.

Do all travel bag reviewed have wheels?

Yes all travel bags we have reviewed have wheels it is an important feature that every travel bag should have, it makes mobility so much easier and also makes it easy for a person who is carrying the bag in airports or on the course and removes strain from the body.

How can I make sure that the golf bag I buy will be durable and will have sufficient padding for my clubs?

To make sure your clubs get the maximum protection go for a hard-shelled case as it provides the highest level of protection for golf equipment, but if you are going for soft-shelled case make certain that you densely cover and wrap the clubs with clothes and towels or blankets to ensure that your accessories don’t get damaged.

The most frequently asked question is about the bag weight, an empty bag weighs about 10-12 lbs. A normal bag will weigh 25 to 30 pounds with 14 clubs and other accessories while a soft cover bag weighs around 8-10 pounds and hard shells weigh 12-20 pounds. Always keep in mind that you don’t overburden your bag as most airlines have weight limits and they might charge if the bag are overweight. Always check with airlines for details and if you’re not sure about the cost or weight allowance, you may check with the airline or your travel agents.

Do you have any golf packing tips?

  • It would be better if you carry bulky items like jackets, sweaters, towels so you can wrap them around club heads and prevent them from getting damaged.
  • It’s a good idea to have some extra space so you can put gifts and other stuff you’re bringing back home from your vacation.
  • A golf bag with wheels is always the best option.
  • A hard case bag with golf essentials can weigh about 40 pounds, which is the weight limit for one bag.
  • Having an iron headcover is a good option to protect your golf clubs and may help in packing.
  • Some golfers prefer to put there golf clubs upside down

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