Best Golf Shoes Under $100

Welcome to Golf Driver Store, if you are new to the golfer or you are intermated and looking for the best golf shoes under $100 from here will find the best golf shoes.

When it comes to choosing the best golf shoes under $100, you will have a plethora of options to choose from.

The good news is that you will also be able to choose between different brands that will make your life easier as each will come with a customized approach.

When it comes to good golf shoes, design and function are the main drivers for many types of golfers.

But you’ll be able to choose the characteristics that matter most to you, like finding the right mix of good performance and great design.

Here is our list of the ten best golf shoes under $ 100 based on style, comfort, breathability, waterproofing, traction, support, stability, and value.

This list is based solely on the suggested retail price of each shoe. Many of them are actually cheaper than the suggested prices, if you know where to look, and if not the newer model.

We can confidently say that all the shoes on this top ten list are gorgeous and commendable. You won’t find any of them lacking in comfort, style, or performance.

Types of golf shoes:

As for the traction you need on the aisle, there are two types of golf shoes to give you a good grip:

Spiked or cleated golf shoes:

Serrated golf shoes have cleats on the outsole, and are usually made of plastic that protrude out from under your foot for a good grip on the ground, especially when hooking up for an electric swing.

The sock shoes usually provide more overall traction than other golf shoes, but the cleats wear out and will need replacing. The larger size of the cleats can also provide for an uncomfortable outing when on hard ground.

Spikeless golf shoes:

Unlike spiked shoes that will need to change cleats and are not the best hard-floor (or enter-to-club) shoes, non-stud golf shoes have “loops” built into the sole and are generally lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The main downsides to non-spiked stability are the slight loss in traction, compared to the serrated increase, especially in wetter conditions plus the fact that the lugs cannot be changed, so once they wear out, it’s time to put on a new pair of golf shoes.

#10 Best for Money: FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex Golf Shoes

Best FootJoy Men's Fj Flex Golf Shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable Uppers
  • Available in narrow, regular, wide, and extra-wide sizes
  • No spikes mean less traction in grass

Most of the users praise these shoes for their great comfort. There are many comments about withstanding extreme heat and cold days.

Few users estimate that they have no nails but offer a lot of oomph for golf, even in wet conditions.

We love that these can work as sliders but with laces to tighten them up. It might not be waterproof, but it holds up well in wet conditions. It might get a little bit of leakage, but it’s so lightweight that it dries up fairly quickly.

You can take it out of the box and head straight to the course because it’s so convenient. Plus, the sole doesn’t have rivets as it uses soft molded tensioners instead.

#09 Best for Women: ECCO Biom Golf Shoe

ECCO Biom Womens Hybrid 3 Golf Shoe
  • Imported and 100% Leather
  • Waterproof Technology
  • Extremely Strong & Lightweight for increased breathability
  • None

Ecco is a brand famous for lightweight and high-quality shoes, and this stylish model is ideal for women who play golf.

A happy shopper wrote: These are the most comfortable shoes I own. “My feet are good for 18 holes. I also played in very wet conditions, and the shoes kept looking great.

Reviewers also care about the shoes’ good grip and the soft leather, saying they feel broken right from the start.

Another customer wrote, I play three to six rounds of golf a week and I often walk, and I would not wear any brand of best golf shoes except Ecco Biom.

#08 Best for Waterproof: Adidas Men’s Adipower Golf Shoe

Best Adidas Men's Adipower Golf Shoe
  • Climaproof technology
  • 100% waterproof design
  • 6-spike TPU outsole
  • None

The Adipower’s Boost 3 Cblack men’s Adidas shoes are a solid choice for all-terrain. Thanks to the good stability thanks to the 6-prong TPU outsole, golf shoes can offer a fun experience for the player.

The premium upper comes with Climaproof technology and good stretch that advises them for a sock-like experience.

Footwear is one of the most recommended options when it comes to overall performance.

Made with a design that keeps water out, you’ll be able to enjoy it even early in the morning.

The active build will also mean that you’ll bounce more in the midfoot and heel areas.

With the modern design, they will also stand out among the best looking options for most players.

#07 Best for Budget: Skechers Go Golf Men’s Golf Shoe

Best Skechers Go Golf Men's Golf Shoe
  • Exceptional waterproofing protection
  • Wonderful cushioning system
  • Best Quality product
  • sometimes Soles Problem.

The Skechers Torque Golf Shoe is one of the best waterproof shoes we have seen in quite some time. The shoe may not have the discreet flair or style of modern golf shoes, but it does provide excellent performance.

The Torque shoe is made to function as a lightweight shaft that may not sound like a million dollars but gives the golfer plenty of comforts and solid durability.

Soft torque rivets provide tremendous traction and can be replaced in minutes, keeping shoes fresh throughout the life of the product. Our testers liked how the shoe interacts with the turf because it works really well in locking the feet while swaying.

The waterproofing on Torque is considered first-class as the rounded appearance of the shoe gives the foundation for an even layer of moisture protection. When we tested the shoes in wet conditions, we were pleased to find our feet completely dry with superb reliability.

For the average handicapped looking for a durable shoe that can handle dozens of rides a year, the Skechers Torque Golf Ultra Light is a great choice.

#06 Best Cheap Lightweight: Adidas Men’s Golf Shoes

Best Adidas Men's Golf Shoe
  • Lightweight and Stable Feel
  • Men’s Codechaos Golf Shoe
  • Responsive Boost midsole
  • Sometimes Size Problem

These best golf shoes don’t have spikes on the bottom, shoppers say they still provide great grip.

Thanks to the added lining and the brand’s signature Boost soles, customers insist they will still be in very good shape by the time it reaches the last hatch.

One customer wrote that this shoe is exactly what I want in a golf shoe. They are light, comfortable, and durable. Put on the best golf shoes you’ve ever worn.

Designed to be super breathable, but it can also withstand rainy weather and wet grass without a problem.

#05 Best for walking: Callaway LaJolla SL Golf Shoes

Callaway LaJolla SL Golf Shoes
  • Upper microfibre leather
  • Best for optimum stability and control
  • Mesh liner for the control of breathability
  • Size Problem

Swing like a pro in the Callaway Guys’ La Jolla serrated golf shoes. These shoes have a midsole that features Opti-Soft Technology for added strength, providing an extra layer of shock absorption.

They feature a microfiber leather upper and Opti-Repel technology to fit the natural curves of your feet, making them ideal for walks in any weather.

While on the links, let your feet relax in comfort in these Callaway La Jolla SL golf shoes.

Cleanliness meets comfort with a soft color scheme, elegantly designed footwear that pulls some look, but won’t draw enough attention to interrupt your sway.

Enjoy a dash of style and comfort with the Callaway Guys La Jolla Spiked golf shoes.

#04 Best Cheap Lightweight: PUMA Golf Ignite Nxt Men’s Lace Up Sneakers

PUMA Golf Ignite Nxt Mens Lace Up Sneakers
  • Very lightweight and comfortable runs large
  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Great comfort
  • Little bit quality problem

Because laces wrap more around the foot than regular shoes, customers find these Pumas support shoes provide a comfortable and comfortable fit.

Full-length foam midsole ignites, enveloping insole shield for added durability, and provides unparalleled comfort and an energy return to help you feel your best all day long.

They are made of sponges in the soles that will help absorb shock and make every movement easier on your feet. And even though it’s not slotted, shoppers say they still offer a lot of attraction.

Most importantly, since they are golf shoes, they are among the most supportive low-rise shoes I have ever worn, one customer wrote. They provide excellent stability on hillsides and irregular grooves, as well as loaded boxes, etc.

#03 Best for Support: Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

adidas Mens Tech Response Golf Shoes
  • Great budget shoe
  • comfortable and a dream to wear around the course
  • flexible outsole allows the shoe to easily move
  • Size Problem

Adidas Tech Response golf shoes are lightweight golf shoes that respond well to the pounding of 18 holes in walking.

The lightweight zip-up foam sock lining gently cushions the foot. We have noticed that the shoe seldom slips along the leather during movement to reduce the appearance of blisters during the break.

These shoes are ideal for beginner golfers who need high quality footwear. The shoe is not waterproof and although this is a major drawback, at this price point, Tech Response delivers high performance with little risk.

For novice golfers looking for a shoe that is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and provides strong traction, Adidas Tech Response is an excellent option that will cost no more than a new box of dozens of golf balls.

#02 Best: Callaway Oceanside Men’s Golf Shoes

Callaway Oceanside Mens Golf Shoes
  • Water-resistant
  • The spikeless outsole of dura-rubber
  • Restricted 2-year waterproof warranty
  • Sole is thin

Callaway’s Oceanside golf shoes for men combine both sport and elegance.

Callaway Oceanside shoes feel great on your feet while on the track. The PLUSfoam sole is supportive yet ‘flexible’ enough to give you the extra comfort you need with every step, regardless of the terrain.

Meanwhile, the Opti-soft ™ EVA midsole helps you stay in contact with the ground, especially in the green. I’m a player who likes to confirm what my eyes see with my feet when reading the pitches, and I’ve managed to do so with Oceanside shoes.

These shoes give you style and protection from the elements thanks to the high-performance mesh upper with Opti-Dri waterproof treatment, while the premium rubber outsole provides unsurpassed durability and grip on the track.

#01 Best Overall: Under Armour Men’s Spieth 2 Golf Shoe

Under Armour Mens Spieth 2 Golf Shoe
  • The waterproof leather will help the users to use these shoes in any season.
  • These golf shoes are very lightweight
  • The best quality of materials makes these shoes more durable.
  • Some of the buyers complain that these shoes seem a bit narrow in width.

These golf shoes are designed with direct visions from the 3-time champ, Jordan Speth! These shoes have GORE-TEX waterproof protection.

These shoes are lightweight and have a closed pull system that is designed to handle the swing unique to Jordan. The UA smart woven upper of these shoes provide an extremely lightweight feel, and Clarino microfiber leather for golf shoes gives added durability.

A removable EVA foot-bed provides this shoe with superior foot comfort, and UA Rotational Resistance (RST) shoe rivets provide traction.

The shoe has an integrated lacing system that provides a sealed fit for GORE-TEX construction. These shoes are 100% waterproof and remain incredibly breathable.

TPU outsole has a lightweight EVA midsole for responsive cushioning with every step. Now, we will share the features, pros, and cons of these golf shoes.

The most important characteristics of the best golf shoes under $100:

As with most shoes, you will need to research the best options when it comes to functionality.

If you are new to these types of shoes, you will notice that the manufacturers separate each important area of ​​the shoe and that they use different materials with different techniques to provide the best solution for most players.


When it comes to the best performance, you will first need to make sure you are getting the best footwear for comfort.

This is the primary characteristic to look out for because the best traction or support will mean nothing if the shoe is not comfortable for you.

Thus, you will have the ability to work with designs that allow you to perform at the highest level even when it comes to good comfort. In general, comfort includes all the characteristics of shoes, especially cushioning, support and fit.

But even small items like the heel base can come with an uncomfortable experience. This is why it is important to work with a design that allows the best comfort for your type of feet.


Traction becomes one of the most important characteristics to consider as you will walk on difficult and slippery surfaces.

Standing on the grass means the sole of the shoe needs improvement in grip and grip.

This is why you’ll see a few different styles from the manufacturer, but overall, the outsole is geared toward better traction than regular footwear.

This is where you will have the ability to choose different types of nails as each manufacturer will come with a unique approach that will offer a different type of traction.

In general, you will have the ability to work with a design that focuses on spikes in the primary traction areas of the foot.

This means that the nails centered around the forefoot and heel areas will provide the base you need for good traction and stability.

The support:

When it comes to a shoe’s overall appearance, support will be a must. This is especially important in the midfoot region. People with flat feet will also need special attention when it comes to support as it will prove to be the most important characteristic in this position.

This means that you will need the right kind of support, and for most people the new shoes will come with a good foam backing that can define the natural shape of the foot.

There are different materials that are used for support and the most popular options will come with EVA support. The material is known for its light weight and ergonomic properties which it recommends are among the top choices for durability and feel. With quality support, you will be able to have the best experience.

This is why it is so important to find the right footwear and this is where it can be worth considering even new options as they will come with the latest materials.

The design:

When it comes to design, you will see that many new shoes come with different inserts that can play an important role in different areas.

For example, the breathable upper may have a positive effect on breathability and can delay sweating of the feet on hot summer days.

On the other hand, different skin hues can prove to come with better closures which is why you’ll need to see the different options you can choose from and how they can benefit your game.

Can you find Quality Best Golf Shoes Under $100?

Price isn’t everything when it comes to footwear, including golf shoes. It’s easy to expect “golf shoes under $ 100” to give you an ugly, low-quality, and uncomfortable pair, but that’s not necessarily the case.

While cheaper golf shoes may not be as impressive as a high-end pair of shoes, that doesn’t mean they are destined to collapse mid-game. You might not be getting all the features you want, but if you are just starting out, you should be able to find a pair that works. Who knows, you might not want to upgrade!

Are all golf shoes the same?

Like any other type of shoe, golf shoes share a similar appearance, but they tend to have unique features that vary from style to style. One golf shoe style may work best for people with high arches, while another pair may provide extra support and stability for players who need help with balance.

It is important to know your needs, including any special support you may need, before shopping. You may like the look of just one golf shoe only to find that it lacks the stability, flexibility, breathability, or support you need.

Why do you wear golf shoes? What do golf shoes do?

Would you wear baseball binders for the ball? How about bowling shoes on the basketball court? Golf shoes, like other sports shoes, serve a special purpose. They provide traction, balance, and stability to golf movements. With added midfoot support and shock absorption, golf shoes keep you stable while swinging and treading the course.

What are golf shoes?

Golf shoes are designed to provide support and comfort while playing golf. Most golf shoes are flexible with an arch support and have special soles to provide traction on the court. You can choose between spiked or loafers and a wide variety of styles across the most popular brands of sneakers.

Why do golf shoes have nails?

Golf shoes have spikes to provide traction on the court. The spikes provide grip and help you twist to hit the ball. Generally, the screws are removable so you can replace them as needed.

What are soft spike golf shoes?

Soft serrated golf shoes replace traditional soft plastic metal rivets or rubber spikes. Since most golf courses have banned metal spikes to damage turf and greens, soft spikes provide traction but accommodate the new regulations.

Bottom Line:

Golf shoes, like any other athletic footwear, were engineered to provide comfort and support during gameplay. Whether you prefer a classic spiked design or the newer spikeless sole, choosing a good pair of golf shoes could make or break your next golf outing. 

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