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Welcome to Golf Driver Store, if you are a beginner or intermediate to golf and looking for the best golf putter under $100 so you are at the right place.

If you’ve stopped yourself from buying a good golf club just because you think it’s too expensive, it’s time to think again. This guide compiles a list of the best putter that can be easily purchased within the $100 range.

The great thing about golf clubs is that you can still get a great golf putter for under $100.

We have rounded up the ten best putter you can have for under $100. When you think about the price you’re going to spend and the impact it could have on your golf game, it’s probably worth it!

What to look for in the Best Golf Putter Under $100?

Before checking out our top picks and choose the best golf putter for yourself, remember to keep the following factors in mind.

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Head design
  • Point of balance
  • Ailment aids
  • Loft

#1 Best Golf Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach

Cleveland Huntington Beach
  • Smooth Roll
  • Tactile Feel
  • Great Quality
  • None

Okay, so we should start this mini review by saying that the # 1 Huntington Beach Putter is $99.99. So technically it’s less than $100, but with the lowest profit margins. Regardless of the price, this putter is very good.

It features a 100% stainless steel blade design that provides a great combination of stability and freedom of movement.

One of the really cool features of the #1 Huntington Beach Putter is the 345g head weight. It makes the club feel heavy enough for longer shots but light enough to get great reflexes.

Buyers comments, Cleveland made sure to use a CNC milled face that not only gives each roll a smooth roll but also gives tactile feedback.
This is great for golfers who want some kind of feedback midway that isn’t too hard or too soft.

#2 Best Budget Putter: Wilson Infinite Windy City

Wilson Infinite Windy City
  • Smooth Roll
  • Nice Balance
  • Great Looks
  • Right At The $100 Mark

In keeping with the design designs of Wilson Staff Infinite Putters, the Windy City has many of the same features. But all of these features are elegantly crammed into a slightly larger Blade Design type of putter.

Just like the design of all other Infinite putter, Windy City uses brushed stainless steel.

By changing the weighting zones and compensating the club head, Wison Staff moved the balance point near the hands. This weighting will look very similar to a larger mallet putter.

Wilson uses this weighting technique like Counter Balanced, which is similar to the type of technology used on high-end putters.

As for the feel, Wilson uses a double grind face to give smooth, tactile feedbacks. This grinding also helps smooth the golf ball roll allowing for better precision. Each Windy City putter is finished with a dark PVD finish for better sight lines.

#3 Best Of All Time: Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 Putter

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter
  • Best Quality Product
  • Two-Ball Design
  • Milled Face
  • Mid-Size Putter Grip
  • Little bit heavy

With Ray Cook SR500, we reach the first mallet putter on the list. A Ray Cook putter like this is great for those who struggle with distance control and play at slightly slower green speeds.

The Ray Cook is a very affordable design, and it looks very similar to the TaylorMade Spider golf club.

Spider bats are well known on the tour, and the fact that this reflects the spider well is undoubtedly a selling point.

Ray Cook’s head is a weighted putter so you can have more control over the putter and use more muscles when playing.

Golfers can choose between three different shaft options for the Ray Cook SR500 and also include center shafted, side shafted, and a double bent ā€œSā€ shaft.

Another upgrade of the SR500 is a larger Mid-Sized Putter Grip. However, this is a great cheaper version of two ball style putters.

#4 Best For The Money: Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter
  • Great For Long Putts
  • Well Balanced
  • Good Value
  • Paint Chips Easily

Pinemeadow is back on our list again, this time with a large putter with a PGX Mallet design. Likewise, as previously mentioned in the Site 4 putter, Pinemeadow uses a cast-steel construction with PGX. This gives the PGX clubhead an overall weight of 380g.

Pinemeadow went with a different approach to color and contrast with PGX. The body is painted in a matte white color with a black alignment helping the crown of the putter.

This should provide a great contrast between the green and the ball and the bat. The only downside is that the paint tends to crack easily.

Like other casting putters, PGX offers a milled face near the center of the club front. While grinding isn’t anything that impressive, it should do a good job of dampening vibration and helping to provide a smooth roll. Any shots struck outside the milled area may have a poor feel and roll.

#5 Best For $50: Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter
  • Simple design
  • Larger grip size
  • Good for alignment
  • Some feel the clubhead is too light

The Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter is a mallet-style shaped bat that gives you concise and direct results.

Wilson is a putter for higher handicaps or the new golfer looking to get some better results when it comes to distance and alignment. There is a facial attachment on Wilson’s putter called Micro Injection.

It’s very useful, and you’ll likely not have a problem with this racket on soft or fast greens. The paddle grip is not quite a jumbo grip, like a medium size. This is one of those putters that doesn’t seem to feel great until you try it.

Primarily, this face attachment is used to get a smoother feel of the putter surface. This is a great feature that we think most racers should turn to in today’s golf world.

#6 Best for Budget: Intech Trakker Mallet Putter 35″

Intech Trakker Mallet Putter 35
  • Easy Alignment
  • Soft Feel
  • Low Cost
  • Very Light Weighted

The Intech Trakker Mallet Putter 35″ really keeps it as simple as possible with Trakker Putter. Featuring a Blade design and molded structure, the Trakker is not only low cost but maintainable.

Once again, the design is nothing fancy. But it is definitely a step above some of the cheapest mini-golf style of putters.

There is some color contrast to aid with alignment. Of course nothing like other expensive putters. But then again, it’s better than nothing and generally keeps a clean look.

Just like many of the other low priced putters, Trakker has a good chance of cracking the paint.

Intech has added a Soft Face Insert in an effort to reduce vibration and increase feel. For the most part, this supplement does its job.

The only real problem is that the accessory is so small that the ball must hit the dead center for it to work.

#7 Best for Two-Way Putter: QUOLF GOLF Two-Way Putter – Left and Right Hand

QUOLF GOLF Two Way Putter
  • Left and Right Hand Putter
  • Feel Great and Looks Awesome
  • Easy to Use
  • Sometimes Etched with a Gripping Surface

Roll up to your local Putt-Putt Center with this blade putter, start working on your game and you might even get enough to enter the Putters Association National Championships.

This paddle will also give a classic feel to your level 3 game, so put it in a Sunday bag and pit it like Bobby Locke.

This club is 35.5 inches long and swings in two ways, so it works with either left or right-hand putter.

Golf clubs have come a long way since the game first appeared in the fifteenth century, and now golf clubs are manufactured using special technology that can help support the weaknesses of your game.

#8 Best for average golfer: Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter 

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter
  • Proven Head Shape Performance
  • Great Putter
  • Great value for money
  • Too light

White Hot Pro 2.0 # 1 Putter is the classic blade design to love with the White Hot accessory that makes Odyssey a mainstay on the PGA Tour – and you can put it in your bag for only $ 100 on Amazon.

White Hot attachment is laser milled for steady performance and improved audio away from the face and fast twisting.

This racket is truly timeless and designed to maximize feel, alignment and accuracy through precise heel weight to toe, full shaft offset, and crank neck slot.

Varying alignment marks on the top line of the racket improve alignment on set-up and enhance the consistency of strokes round-to-round.

#9 Best for: Wilson Men’s Augusta Golf Putter

Wilson Men's Augusta Golf Putter
  • Easy to control this putter
  • Used by both left and right-handed
  • Does not take a lot of damage.
  • The retro feel of this putter is not the best design for everyone

If you need a putter that fits anyone, this Wilson putter is a great design to consider. It can be used by both right and left individuals, so no matter which way you swing your putter, this form will work for you.

Since the design is well balanced, you can expect a sturdy racket with reliable performance, regardless of weather conditions. In fact, it has an all-weather grip that helps you maintain your grip in the rain.

The shaft is 35 inches long, the loft is four degrees, and the lie is 72 degrees, giving you the perfect angle for those tough shots on the green.

The brass tip of this putter gives an elegant look. It’s designed in a traditional paddle shape, which means it will provide a smooth hit with little effort on your part.

#10 Best value: LEAGY 4-Sections Two-Way Putter

LEAGY 4 Sections Two Way Putter
  • Imported from the USA
  • Best Two-Way Putter
  • Great Quality
  • Easy to Use
  • Very light use

This is a four-section golf club assembly, very easy to carry, simple installation process. After disassembly it can be easily displayed and stored.
Conventional heavy racket, two-way racket for left and right hand is perfect for almost any golfer.

This type of golf club is used either in real golf club or indoors on green courses.

It weighs 12.5 ounces and is 33.4 inches long. This silver racket provides a comfy grip, making it useful for both left and right handed golfers.

You can get that perfect stroke and spoil those great shots when you use it with this golf club

This two-way golf club is suitable for both left and right golfers.

It is made of premium quality materials that give it durability and strength that lasts for a long period of time. This sports equipment can withstand daily training and practices.

How to choose the best golf putter under $100?

When it comes to choosing the best putters, you will need to look closely at the options available in the market in terms of the most important characteristics. They will be one of the exciting and mandatory features that you will need to know if you want to find the best putter.

The design:

The design of the putter will play an important role in its overall performance. Moreover, its design will play an important role when it comes to head shape.

Hence, you will be able to find various variations in the market that are similar to the mallet and blade approach. There are different forms of these on the market. It will also vary in terms of total weight.

Most importantly, these headers will prove to offer a slightly different photography experience, where you want to focus your efforts.

Since you may be looking for the best shot delivery for you, there are two main options to consider. A paddle blade will prove to be a recommended choice if you are an arc putter while mallet head will prove to be a recommended option when you prefer a square placement style without a line of sight.

The good news is that there are some good options that fit into these two big categories and it will be up to you to decide which approach to take.


Putter length plays a major role in overall performance. Many players may think that a taller column may produce better results but in reality, you will need a column that matches your height and position. Hence, many players may already be suffering from putters that are too long for them.

So how do you determine your best putter length? The truth is, you can define the length simply by choosing a design that is easy to grip when in game mode.

Thus, with your hips bent and your eyes over the ball, you should allow the body to run along your body toward your hand to get a comfortable grip. If this finds your hand a little too low, the putter is too long.

The good news is that you can try this with the putters available in your area either on a training course or by using putters from a friend. This will allow you to better adhere to the shaft and how it affects your overall comfort and even results.


Putter head balance plays an important role in overall performance. It will prove to be one of the interesting characteristics of the best speculators as it will allow you to choose the design that best suits your needs.

This is why you’ll be able to choose between face balance and toe balance. If you are already using a course putter and are not sure what kind of balance it is in it, you can take a simple test to get the answer.

Thus, when you place the putter on the floor and face its face, it has face balance whereas if its hands are towards the ground it has a toe balance. This will also give different results. If you are looking for a slight curve, toe balance may be the recommended option for you.

There are other characteristics and methods for determining the best putter for you. For example, you might consider discussing with a professional as many of them will come with specialist tools to determine which type of racket is best for you.

They can work with you in terms of height, weight and head shape to find the best solution that will improve your performance. But whatever the advice, you will simply have to do the evaluation of the results yourself. Hence if you make more strokes you know you have a better putter.

This is the only real test you can take because choosing different designs won’t give you a direct answer to performance before you play the putter yourself.

Hence, with these basic characteristics, you will be able to make the best decisions when it comes to the putter you need to take more hits. While there may be many different options in the market, you may feel overwhelmed with options, especially if you don’t know which direction to go with the design and balance point.

This is why it will ultimately be important to choose from the best putter that can serve as the basis for the best performance.

Bottom Line:

And there you have it! You have reached the end of our review of the top 10 best golf putter under $100. We hope this guide helped you find a great putter at a price you can afford. But before we wrap up this article, we thought we should address a big point about low-cost speculators.

First, you need to understand why budget speculators cost less. Most of the time the lower cost comes with lesser quality materials and finish. Another big reason is the lack of “special features” like advanced face inserts and multi-material constructions. This is just something you need to accept if you buy the best golf putter for under $100.

But if you want the best quality for the price, try sticking to the big names like Cleveland and Wilson Staff. Cag is also another name, albeit smaller one that has an excellent price beater.

In general, an upgraded putter can be all it takes to cut out a lot of unnecessary hits from the betting game. So no matter which putter you choose, we are confident that they will help you on the lawn!

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