Best Golf Grip for Large Hands [Updated-2021]

Welcome to Golf Driver Store, If you are a golfer and you are looking for the best golf grip for large hands so we are reviewing our top picks. The golf grip is one of the most important and overlooked fundamentals. It is the only link a golfer attaches to the golf club and is therefore believed to be one of the most influential pieces of the golf swing.

Correct gripping of the golf club results from correct grip, on the other hand, improper gripping causes many problems (in terms of swing).

If your hands are larger than average, keep reading as we will review some of the best golf grips for big hands.

What Size Best Golf Grip for Large Hands I Use?

There are four basic golf grip sizes: Small, Standard, Medium, and Large.

Using the wrong grip can cost a player 3-4 strokes per round. A very small grip enhances extra hand movement and usually leads to ball pull.

An extra-large grip limits the elbow of your wrist, throttles the short distance, and can make you cut or push the shot.

What Size Golf Grip Should I Use

Why is Grip so Important?

The golfer suffers from many distractions and it is perfectly normal for every golfer to have some problems to get a natural grip and a lot of struggle to get to that point.

Usually, golf clubs have standard grips, but it’s important to keep this in mind: All golfers have different club grips and it is clear that hand sizes are different.

Players with long hands are given an alternate choice of oversized golf (knobs) or a weak grip.

Best for Low Handicappers: Golf Pride MCC New Grip

Best Golf Pride MCC New Grip

Key Features

Package Height Of The Item Is 6.0″

Package Length Of The Item Is 24.0″

Package Width Of The Item Is 13.0″

The Golf Pride’s MCC Plus4 Golf Grip is a marvel that blends composites to create a feel that works extremely well for both hands.

The handle is constructed from durable material for your anchor hand, allowing the golfer to adjust pressure without worrying about slipping or slipping.

This grip is a great upgrade for any golfer who needs a new grip and is looking for another advantage on the golf course.

For the lower hand, the grip is wider and Golf Pride uses a different composite material made primarily of softer rubber to enhance the feel.

If there was a disclaimer for the MCC Plus4, it would be designed for the advanced golfer who understands how pressure can affect grip feel and performance.

While a novice golfer will undoubtedly benefit from this grip, he can find the cost and shorter duration before the replacement.

Our testers loved the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 as the grip material consisted of rubber that has a surface-bonded cotton to increase viscosity and stability.

If you are looking for an affordable, well-produced grip that works at the highest level, this is a grip that deserves your attention.

  • Nice blend of softness for the bottom
  • Durability for the upper hand
  • Incredible texture
  • Light weight
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Best for Large Hands: Karma Velour Midsize Black Golf Grip Bundle

Best Karma Velour Midsize Black Golf Grip Bundle

Key Features

Grip Shape: Round

Grip Weight: 55 Grams

Grip Size: Midsize (+ 1/32″)

Want to reset all your irons in one stroke without breaking the bank? Try the Karma Velor 13-Piece Golf Grip Package.

This affordable option provides you with enough medium-sized, round-shaped golf grips to replace all of the scaly and shredded golf clubs with new grips that will work in the rain.

Each of these 13 similar black soft rubber golf grips have hundreds of small bolt-shaped wheel treads to improve traction.

Although this value option doesn’t come with tape or solvent, these knobs won’t last forever, if you are a frequent golfer, the Karma Velvet option is an excellent budget-friendly option.

  • Classic Design
  • Great Quality Product
  • Bundled For Your Convenience
  • Non
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Best for Lightweight: SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

Best SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

Key Features

Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip is 1.30″

ROSS-TRACTION Surface Texture

More Consistent Stroke

What’s the number one thing you want in a putter grip? touch? provisions? control?

The SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip, Oversized, Lightweight Golf Grip provides all three. Golfers will love how this thick grip aims to reduce tension on the wrists and forearms by allowing for a parallel hand position and a more flexible position in the hole.

The putter grip has a diameter of 1.3 inches and became the most popular SuperStroke grip of the tour.

The design is bold, with stylized “SuperStroke” text written across the handle on knobs ranging in color from white and black to red, yellow or blueBest .

  • Non
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Best for High Handicappers: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip

Best Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip

Key Features

Package length: 2.2 cm

Package width: 2.3 cm

Package height: 27.2 cm

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip is a working horse, ideal for high-handed people who want to change clubs, but need long-lasting grip and are extremely affordable.

The grips in the all-black don’t have the cotton feel of other Golf Pride models, but that doesn’t mean the Tour Velvet 360’s grip doesn’t have the tough dexterity that enhances stability throughout the takeaway and landing run.

A balanced grip that’s not flashy or built in a way that screams luxury, but it gets the job done and is easy to apply to your Andyk walkways.

We wouldn’t necessarily tell the lower-skilled that the Tour Velvet 360 is the ideal grip for their golf clubs because it lacks the quality of some of the high-end Golf Pride grips.

But if you are struggling to reach an average level of disability and looking for a fine upgrade to your Indyk then this grip is definitely worth it.

During our testing, we noticed that the durability of these grips was remarkable and hold in shape despite making hundreds of high-impact twists over a short period.

If you are looking for grips that will wear well and can last beyond the 40-round base, the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grips is a great option.

  • Best Quality Grip
  • Velvet 360 Golf Grip
  • This Grip is a Good Midsize Grip
  • Non

Best for Big Hands: Winn Dri-Tac Standard Golf Grip

Best Winn Dri Tac Standard Golf Grip 1

Key Features

13 strips of 2

13-Piece Golf Grip

WinnLite technology

The most popular Winns grips are Dri-Tacs. They have quite a few features, but Winn mostly talks about their polymer blends – with which they can achieve a great deal of viscosity and a variety of different packages.

Viscosity is very good if maintained properly (take a look at the bottom of this post), and even in wet weather, it does preserve some of it.

Dri-Tacs are suitable for all weather conditions and have a medium hardness and above-average shock absorption.

Along with Lamkin and Golf Pride, Winn is at the pinnacle of the grip industry’s food chain.

Their team includes legendary coach Butch Harmon, who has taught successful golfers such as Tiger Woods, Ricky Fowler, and Ernie Els.

If you’re looking for a soft feel, Dri-Tacs will provide that, too. Combine with the sticky surface and you get better control.

  • Proven track record
  • Great tack and soft feel
  • Exciting new polymer material
  • Durability is poor

Best For No Glove: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip

Best Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip

Key Features

The CP2 Wrap was marketed as the thinnest Golf Pride grip to date, and it comes with some great features.

Control Core is one of the most prominent features of this grip.

It’s designed to stabilize your swing and reduce torque when your hands are rotated while swinging.

Moreover, the CP2 is made with a larger bottom handle to increase comfort with less grip pressure.

There are very good reviews for these knobs, and most golfers are very satisfied with the comfort levels.

It’s our best grip for not wearing gloves and guys with arthritis.

  • Comfortable like nothing else
  • Very easy to install
  • Soft and tacky
  • Control Core isn’t that noticeable

Best For Low & Medium Swing Speed: Lamkin Golf Standard Grip

Best Lamkin Golf Standard Grip

Key Features

Calibrate Technology

Performs Very Well Even in Rainy Conditions

If you look at the grip features on, the ST +2 is made for wet conditions and offers traction and grip.

The main thing about this grip is that it provides a highly tactile experience in all weather conditions, something that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago in the golf industry.

Lamkin has come a long way in engineering next-level grip materials. They call it “Smooth Tack” (ST) in its latest version.

Calibration technology provides a good way to position your hands consistently and is similar to ribbed golf grips.

Although Lamkin had done something new and incorporated a kind of “spine” into the fist.

It is placed between the grip material and the shaft and raises the grip in a way that enhances comfort. Check out the video below.

  • Good for spin
  • Great tacky feel
  • Hand placement reminder “spine”
  • Not suitable for high swing speeds

What to Look for in a Golf Grip?


There are four different golf grip sizes – compact, standard, medium, and large – each of which can be added with duct tape to improve the feel in your hands.

How the handle fits in your hands is extremely important because it can affect your swing greatly.


You’ll want to test the grip while swinging your racket to make sure it feels good.

There are different types of traction the grip can provide, with ribbed, sling and smooth options. The type you want is ultimately down to personal preference.


The grips are designed to perform better in certain conditions, and knowing the general weather conditions when you are playing will go a long way toward finding a great grip.

Some handles use a special material that makes them look tacky for better grip strength, which will be really useful in rainy or humid conditions.

Comfort and smoothness play a big part in your final decision, too.

What are the Different Types of Golf Grips Available?

Rubber Grips:

Almost all handles nowadays are made of rubber, although some may contain additional compounds to help in various conditions or to provide a different feel.

After woolen handles fell out of fashion, leather handles were the rule for a while.

Corded Grips:

Corded Grips are rubber grips with a brushed cotton fiber that stick out from the rubber, which gives a rough feel and provides moisture absorbing properties.

Corded Grips are available in a full wire pattern, which has cotton fibers inserted throughout the entire grip, and a half-rope style, in which the rope is placed only on the back half of the handle, opposite the thumb.

If you use Corded Grips, you must be prepared to replace them more frequently than basic rubber grips.

However, if you tend to sweat hands or play golf in a damp environment, you may find rope handles to be a true field lifesaver.

Lightweight Golf Grips:

The lightweight golf grips are made of rubber, but as you can guess from the name, they are lighter than conventional golf grips.

Golfers looking to get out of every extra swing speed they can find will find lightweight grips up their alley.

Most players find the lightweight handles a bit awkward because standard weight handles provide enough counterweight to properly feel the head through the entire swing.

The lightweight handles are useful for big players and players with slow swing speeds who need all the help they can get to generate the most distance.

How to check the size of your golf grip?

It is a simple way to find out if you need to invest in a grip of a different size.

Take your natural fist. Pay attention to your upper hand. Your fingertips extending below your thumb should be touching.

If your fist is too small, they will dig in your hand. Or if you have to extend or hold your fingers in an unnatural position to get this, you may have a wrong-sized fist.

Should I Buy a Round or Ribbed Grip?

Some handles are available with a rib through the spine which aims to help you make sure the clubface square aligns with the target line.

These are intended for beginners who are not sure of the club’s square shape or any player who has trouble starting the ball on the streak.

However, the vast majority of handles are round and do not contain any kind of ribbing. Most golfers will sometimes want the club front to open or close slightly to help control spin, curve, and trajectory.

Having a spine through the handle can be very awkward when rotating the handle and the spine is no longer in the correct place.

Great care must also be taken when installing grooved handles to ensure they are properly aligned and not twisted at all. Unless you are an experienced installer, I suggest you install your grips professionally if you choose to use grooved grips, as even a slight misalignment can cost you hits on the golf course.

How to Remove Golf Grips?

The first step is figuring out how to remove old golf knobs from the shaft.

This can be done in a few different ways – the easiest being with a golf grip removal tool of some kind.

A blade knife usually does the trick, but it is possible to get a gooseneck blade specifically designed for the job. Here is an example.

When you’re done, comes the next hard part. Remove the old tape. This can also be done with a blade knife, but there are also custom-made golf grip tape removal tools.

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