Best Golf Drivers: Golf Drivers of all Time [Updated-2021]

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Golf Drivers: Love them or hate them that you should do, make mistakes … love them. There is nothing better than smoking one in the corridor with a completely new large dog. Here we picked 5 of our favorites for 2019.

best golf drivers

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Golf equipment manufacturers rely on many aspects of player selection. There is no piece of equipment for all players.

Golf Drivers are the most difficult club in the bag to fulfill all their potential. The main reasons for this are the column length, the swing speed, and the flat swing plane more than most other clubs.

The year 2020 has seen a number of innovative brands making driver buying an exciting time. Most important advances have been made on facial technique and COR boundary testing to increase ball velocity

Best Golf Drivers of all time – TaylorMade Men’s RBZ

Best Golf Drivers of all time
  • craftsmanship
  • Calloway
  • Best Price
  • No fancy bells or whistles (But who needs those anyhow?)
  • Slightly heavier than pricier clubs (But still titanium)

Best Golf Drivers of all timeTaylorMade Men’s RBZ may not have all the finishing of the more expensive TaylorMade clubs, but it has the stock pole and the same craftsmanship behind it, and if you cut every other engine in the woods with this club, you won’t have anyone (or something) to blame yourself. Sorry, but this is golf, and this 460cc club head club is more than enough to tackle even the most complicated fifth part this earth has to offer.

TaylorMade’s Influence RBZ Black Golf is hailed for being less than half the price of other brand drivers as well as the simplicity of its design and a lightweight titanium head.

Almost 100 reviews from Amazon almost to an impressive rating of 4.6 / 5 stars, many of which are long deficiencies to the accuracy and performance of this piece for the price.

Available with all the basic directions, flexible levels, and configurations, this simple yet elegant wand is worth getting, for either backup or first driver.

Best Golf Driver for Distance – Titleist TS2 / TS3

Best Golf Driver for Distance
  • High clubhead speeds and good dista
  • Low drag
  • Highly forgiving
  • Some find less control with the longer shaft

Best Golf Driver for Distance – Titleist TS2 / TS3: TS2 allows tracer searchers with higher and more straightening release. TS3 is more traditional for those who like to improve performance and shape shots.

The weighing chamber at the back of the sole allows the head to be increased or decreased. This in turn helps in choosing the column due to changes in the MOI and swing weight.

To aid in the efficacy of Titleist designers’ thinner designers simplify the head shape for TS2 and TS3 drivers by lifting the top of the club behind the leading edge.

This reduced drag by 20% and helped swing the club head more quickly. Moreover, an improvement in aerodynamics was achieved through a steeper chamber between the face and the top of the crown.

Titanium crown is 20% thinner than 917 drivers and in the process shaves 20% or 1 mm of crown. In terms of the face where 6g of weight was cut which is a huge amount of club head weight.

It is this steeper humping of the face to the top of the crown, hence the sharp drop behind it is what improves aerodynamics effectively. It carries air near the head for a longer period in the same way that air-tripping devices like Speed Steps and Tabulators do and it is just another way to achieve a similar result.

The speed structure has lowered and deepened the CG than any previous Titleist drivers. The lighter and taller stock shaft adds to the gain speed.

Best Golf Driver for the Money – Callaway Golf Men’s

Best Golf Driver for the Money
  • Larger sweet spot on the club face to reduce penalty from mis-hits
  • Uses extra weight in the heel to encourage a ball strike that’s more square,
  • Looks just like a non-draw-biased driver
  • Extremely expensive
  • Won’t fix severe slice problems as well as changing your swing

If you’ve never cut golf … well, you probably never played golf. A few frustrating things in the game. Sure, you hate leaving this 4 foot appendix for a short bird, but at least you’ve made two or three great shots to put yourself in that position.

The cut-out drive always means you are in big trouble outside the tee, while you are in a frustrating long pit. Callaway’s Rogue Draw driver is good at reducing slide negative effects.

The chip occurs when the driver’s face does not hit the ball directly. Instead, the club’s heel is ahead of the toe, which leaves the club “open” and causes the ball to be left to the driver’s face with lateral rotation. For a right-handed golf player, this spin moves the ball violently from left to right while descending in the lane, leaving you in a state of fear, trees or water.

The Callaway Rogue Draw golf driver does exactly what it promises, according to a buyer named Mr. M, making it easy to stay in the lane off the tee.

Best Low Spin Driver – Callaway Epic Flash/Epic Flash Sub Zero

Best Low Spin Driver
  • Flash Face Technology for low spin and high MOI
  • Jailbreak Technology for faster ball speeds and therefore distance
  • Highly forgiving
  • Adjustable Perimeter Weighting allows for control and versatility
  • Some find the crown design distracting
  • The sound is not to all golfers liking

The new Flash Flash technology is the result of the use of artificial intelligence technology to design a new face for drivers.

Artificial intelligence simulates over 15,000 iterations to set the correct thickness across the face and remains within the parameters of the trampoline effect as defined by USGA.

The new technology allowed the thickness to be reduced from 5/1000 to 1/2000 inch by forging the interior and then grinding the front part by pushing the boundaries of the legal limits.

The results of the improvements have been  proven, and most players have seen speed gains of up to 10 mph while still compliant with regulations.

The look is enhanced by laser-engraved lines with the five largest rectangles around the sweet spot at the end of the lines. The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero comes in a smaller head as standard model without losing any of the features.

The sound of a ball that meets flash  flashes explosive, without hurting the most sensitive ears. It will frighten those partners who have less breath though.

It is in the middle of the sound spectrum between hollow and solid wood sound. The volume and tone are neither too high nor too low. The sound is explosive without hurting the most sensitive ears.

In general, there are great vocal and sensory reactions through the hands that speed up the adjustment process when playing with the new driver.

Best Driver for Long Distance – Cobra King F9 Speedback

4107WIKd2FL. AC
  • Aerodynamic head
  • Low deep CG
  • Good speed and distance
  • CNC milling allows for consistency across the face
  • Good adjustability options
  • Some golfers do not appreciate the feedback and muted sound produced
  • Graphics are distracting to some

Best Driver for Long Distance Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver was inspired by the premium cars that Cobra called “aerobic efficiency”. The flagship blend of CG low and aerodynamic head is the first of its kind which leads to greater distance from the club’s fastest speed and reduces spin.

Aerodynamic improvements and improved hardness of the carbon crown are achieved through ‘strategically positioned’ PWR edges that increase speed and distance.

Reduction in clouds is achieved through the use of lightweight polymer crown trips and the only titanium trips placed in relation to the airflow direction.

The triangle shape compared to other drivers in the market helps move the club in the air. The high position of the high weight on the head causes the distance to be lost due to the increased rotation.

By elevating the skirt and rounding the leading edges to increase speed and stability by reducing drag, Cobra created what they call the “flying efficiency” driver.

The main color in the 2019 range is the yellow and black color scheme with a secondary option called Avalanche Ice Color which is not completely pure white.

The King F9 driver’s voice and feel were also better, along with a good selection of high-quality columns from a club that feels very stable and stable.

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