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Welcome to Golf Driver Store, if you are an intermediate player of golf and want to know that what are the golf clubs needed for a beginner so in this beginners guide I will show you some of the best golf club sets for beginners which will surely improve your golf game.

best golf club for beginners

Purchasing your very first golf club sets can be hard and difficult. That’s why I’m here to guide you. The most critical and key part of buying a golf club is making sure that you select a golf club which is compatible with your skill level.

Before I began, I always like to give you some quick picks. These are all best golf club for beginners that I have personally played with and they offer a perfect mixture of characteristics for a beginner

ImageName Price
best golf club imagesCallaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf SetColor:  Current Generation – Blue
Note: Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club, 12-Piece can be your first priority to buy.
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Tour Edge Bazooka 360 Senior Full SetTour Edge Bazooka 360 Senior Full SetColor:  Current Generation – Blue
Note: The set includes 12 basic golf clubs, a driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, head covers a light weight carrying bag with 4 hybrid and 5 SW irons
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Complete Golf Set with BagWilson Men’s Complete Golf Set with BagColor: Red Gray
Note: Wide putter, terrific Driver , Flawless drivers and wedge
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Strata Plus Complete Golf Set
Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set
Color: Teal – Current Generation
Note:  Driver, 5 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 to 9 Iron, PW & SW, Putter, Stand Bag, and 3 Headcovers
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Golf Club Package Set with BagWilson Profile XLS Women’s Golf Club Package Set with BagColor:  Red Gray
Note: Wide putter, terrific Driver , Flawless drivers and wedge
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#5 Best Golf Club for Beginners – Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set

Best Golf Club Sets for Beginners
  • 5 long lasting & durable irons
  • Excessive forgiveness
  • Premium Built
  • Head covers to keep your equipment safe
  • Light weight bag
  • Heads are marginally brittle
  • Not compatible to expert golf players

Callaway Men’s is a comprehensive specific set of all compulsory club that you required most. To play flawless and better shots you always need to have better club. To dominate your golf game you need Callaway strata complete golf set. It does not count whether you are an intermediate, beginner or complete expert.

In this instance, Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club, 12-Piece can be your first priority to buy. Due to its aerodynamic shape it offers you more flight and forgiveness to hit more big shots. Callaway men’s strata contains total 12 pieces, one stand bag and couple of head covers.

If you’re an casual or beginner golf player and don’t want to have a premium excellent-quality set that costs you a huge payment, then this is a recommended golf set for you. It will give you all the basic instruments to join your fellows on the course without spending too much money.

#4 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners to Intermediate – Tour Edge Bazooka 360 Full Set

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners to Intermediate
  • Good complete starter pack for Beginners
  • Head covers for safety of your equipment’s
  • 460 cc Driver gives you long distance shots
  • Light weight golf clubs
  • They don’t provide putter with this set
  • Paint come off from club after some use

Tour edge Bazooka 360 Varsity is absolute flawless for beginners or intermediate players who have outperform a minors golf set but aren’t quite ready for professional expert clubs.

The set includes 12 basic golf clubs, a driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, head covers a light weight carrying bag with 4 hybrid and 5 SW irons.

The bulky 460cc titanium matrix driver features 11.5 degrees of shoot and premium-MOI arrangement praise extra heaviness located in the heel and toe positions of the bottom sole.

The driver’s extreme-skinny appearance improves forgiveness on off-center shots and delivers a responsive take off the face. Including, the bulky, simple-outline stainless steel fairway woods are quite simple to hit and get the ball quickly airborne from any lie on the ground surface.
The complete set is planned with Tour Edge’s game-modifying techniques to help you to improve your game as a beginner enjoy game and increase your love for this sport more.

#3 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners left Handed – Wilson Men’s Profile XD Complete Golf Set

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners left Handed
  • 10.2 degrees lofted driver (which is more than enough at this price)
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect and complete golf set for beginner
  • Wide Putter, Terrific Driver, Flawless Drivers and Wedges
  • Bag is of Normal quality

Wilson Men’s Profile XD is one of the very famous golf club sets made by Wilson. I think its acceptance is well suitable, as it is decently priced specially for beginner golf players. As an amateur golf player, having a considerable preferred spot in all the clubs better ball connection and improved shot quality.

Bulky club heads of Wilson men’s gives better distance and forgiveness when hitting the ball. To equivalent with slight swing characteristics, the shafts have a teen flex that is compact and recommended for beginner’s golf players.

The Wilson Profile Golf Club Set contains a lightweight carry bag, ten golf clubs in total leather head covers for safety and long term use of your equipment, a putter six iron and two woods and is only get-able to left-handed beginner golf players.

The clubs in the Wilson Men’s Profile Golf Club Set gives excess extra distance game improvement technology that lengthens how far the ball will go

#2 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Women Right Handed – Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Women Right Handed
  • Lightweight bag with easy strap to carry
  • Designed for long term Premium built for rough and excessive use
  • Recommended for beginners or intermediate golf players
  • Some golfers find club little short for play

The Callaway Women’s Strata Plus is a complete set for beginner women who wants a worthy commixture of distance and forgiveness right out of the box. The Strata plus Women’s complete golf Set is planned with long distance and forgiveness capability keeping in mind for women who want to hit precise shots without difficulty that go an absolute long way.

This golf set gives you the confidence and assurance to hit good shots with every club in the bag. The complete Set includes total 14 pieces: Driver, 5 Hybrid, 5 wood, 6 – 9 Iron, PW & SW, Putter, light weight Stand Bag, and multiple Headcovers for safety.

#1 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Women – Wilson Profile XLS Women’s Golf Club Package Set

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Women
  • Flawless design concentrates on all characteristics to deliver, accuracy, distance and control.
  • Specially designed for faster swings
  • Completely adjustable to different height players
  • Little bit heavy

The Wilson Profile XLS golf set is a women’s right handed complete 14-piece set that includes a driver, hybrid, fair way wood, 6-9 irons, sand wedge, pitching wedge, putter, light weight stand bag, and multiple head covers. It is specifically designed for women who play the game regularly and frequently or beginners looking to take their game to whole new level.

These golf clubs have a unique characteristics and effective design that aims all specs to give distance through strong and faster swing speeds and grasp. Wilson defend your golf clubs on and off the course field with the 7-way cart bag and long lasting head covers. The bag is lightweight, and easy to carry along during the course.

What to see or view for when Choosing/Buying a great Golf Club for Beginners?

As we discussed before Purchasing your very first golf club sets can be hard and difficult. In beginning it looks like all golf Drivers has plenty of characteristics and features and they all be going to end in flawless gold stroke for you.

You are not mistaken, they all will, but some are always well superior to others. But for beginners it is little tough and confusing
We have prepared an adviser guide to assist you to take account what the ongoing golf drivers provide, what subject to you and which ones you really need as a beginner to play towering straighter drives.


There are very some golfers on this earth that don’t really want forgiveness. Sadly, we can’t all swing like true temper so don’t be nervous or anxious to hunt for a Driver with dominant degrees of forgiveness.

Are there any drawbacks to forgiveness? This is a very frequent query from beginners and the answer is yeah it matters and sometimes does not. There are no drawbacks to a beginner golfer getting a driver with loads of forgiveness.

For intermediate golfers and golfers with very low skill level, when they use a service of extremely super forgiving Driver it can sometimes hint emptiness.

It will take beginners golfers a long time sweat and practice to be easeful hitting long shots with perfection, your first Driver should be forgiving.

Keeping these things in mind will surely increase forgiveness for intermediate golfer are improved heaved, Progressive take off or launch, little center of gravity and huge sweet spots. Look for golf Drivers Specially the ones we mentioned before.

Customization and Flexibility:

Most of the golf Drivers that we carried in this guide have the extremely lowest customizable hosel. As a beginner or high skill golfer flexibility can be very significant and important.

In the beginning flexibility is not that much important especially when you are trying to improve your game and correcting your miss hits but you surely need it once you improved your game.

Purchasing a golf driver with flexibility and customization is like securing multiple golf drivers at the same time. You indeed get the top of both worlds when you have both customizable weights and flexible lofts.

Let just think of the golf Driver for something that you think will work for you and then let it be there for some time. Changing the Driver from one round to the next might be uncertain and difficult for your game it will be stressing and time consuming.

Will you choose a golf driver that has NO customization and flexibility at all? With no way to customize or modify the club at all, it would be shocking and demoralizing to find out after the fact that this is the poor golf club for you.

Golf Club Head Size and mass:

The complete golf driver for intermediate players is mostly always going to have a 460 cc limit. This is the standard legitimate limit on a Driver and you are going to need entire 460 cc to hit that golf ball straight long, lengthy and direct down the fairway.

The mass of the absolute flawless driver for you is going to count largely on what type of beginner golf player you are.

  • Are you a former school baseball or basketball player aspiring for a brand new sport on the weekends?
  • Are you a recently retired person who is looking to spend his quality time for something worth to do single time a month and see if it works? Than Lightweight golf set is definitely for you
  • Have you had some fitness or energy issues and need to swap from more strict or harsh sports to something more relaxed and light like golf?
  • As you know that the weight of the absolute flawless beginner golf Driver is hugely reliant on your natural capability to stoke a golf club blistering fast. If you are exceptionally competent of swinging the golf club quick the extra weight will not bother you.
    For High skill golf players, the same guideline apply. If you face clash with distance you need to be ready to swing faster so a light weight golf club is more sensible option to go with.

Price Tag:
Usually cost is a very private thing when it comes to opt out for golf clubs to some price matters to some not at all.
But I personally believe that beginner golfer should always focus on premium quality standard golf sets and not go for cheap products as it will make his interest in the game less.

How much is it deserving to you?
It is very compulsory for a beginner golfer to know which golf set he should buy and at which price tag here we have mention few tips about cost specially for beginner golfers keeping in mind.

Selecting something that is a few months or years old but still new is apparently a really good technique. The clubs which we have recommended in our list has large number of Drivers that are not the new releases, but still I can guarantee you they have all the great characteristics and sufficient ball speed which a beginner golfer need to make his game better.

Roughly all Drivers on the market claim that they are far superior from other golf drivers in the market which is very common now a days. Some claims that their drivers are adjustable light weight and provides best distance and forgiveness.

Keep in mind that almost all golf Driver will do the trick to get you going in the game if it is of 200$ or 400$ the most important thing is your passion for the game and never ever compromise on Quality because in the end it is the quality which matters most.

Shaft Preferences:
Sometimes it get confusing to use which shaft because some of the drivers include many shaft options and as a beginner it gets tough and stressing for beginner golfers to use which one here are few tips to prefer which shaft most.

  • If you hit the ball high, always select a bulky will assist you to hit ball high
  • If you feel difficulty as a beginner to get the ball up in the air simply choose a lightweight shaft
  • If you are striking a 7 iron less than 150-155 yards select a Regular or ordinary Shaft, if you are hitting a 7 iron more than 150 yards favor a rigid shaft.
  • As a beginner golfer It is OK to have a rigid Flex in your Driver and ordinary in your irons this is completely normal and many golfers have these in there bag.

I personally recommend you to keep a club that makes you comfortable and enjoy your game as much as you can because if you choose the wrong club it will make your game full of struggle and eventually you will lose your interest in game and believe me I don’t want that for you.


Beginner golfers are not exempted from choosing their best golf club set. For expertness, professionalism and the enjoyment of golf course, manufacturers have produced designed club for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Playing golf with the proper equipment makes sports entertaining, interesting and enjoyable.

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